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I've enabled the registration settings in my SharePoint site. I've enabled the Register.aspx and ChangeMyPassword.aspx in the settings. But, still i can't see the login page with the enabled features. I think i need to change the login page. Please let how can i resolve the problem.


Sohaib Khan

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    If you are using ExCM 2007 you can update the out-of-the-box registration page by copying one of the login page from 'C:\Program Files\SharePoint Solutions\Extranet Collaboration Manager\customizations\' into the 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\' directory. Rename the login page to something more appropriate like 'extlogin.aspx'. Finally, update the <forms /> tag in your extranet web.config file. Modify the 'loginUrl' attribute to point to your new login page (_layouts/extlogin.aspx).

    (Forms Element)

    Which Login Page to Use?

    • login-layouts-pwdreset.aspx : Contains a link to the ExCM 2007 forgot my password page.
    • login-layouts-pwdreset-register.aspx : Contains a link to the ExCM 2007 forgot my password page and the top-level site registration page.
    • The other two templates can be used if you are using a publishing site as your home page.
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