Can I attach a document in the invitaion email

I have a  requirement to add a check box to the registration form , to accept the T&C. As suggested in the documentation of ExCM ,tried configuring User Profile in the web.config files(both in the extranet and main site). Saved the changes and restarted the IIS service. But did not find those changes in the registartion form. Am I missing something ..

The next issue is while inviting the user ,an attachment of T&C has to be sent to them for reference, so they can accept the T&C in the registar form. Though i could edit the "Delegation Mail Definition "--> Invite user, to add the attachment , the attachment is not being sent to the users.  How could I send the mail attachment  while inviting user. 


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    Permanently deleted user

    I would start by ensuring you are editing the correct web.config files. Adding a breaking change to the configuration file and checking to ensure you site no longer works is one option. Assuming you are editing the correct file you can add profile attributes by adding to the <properties /> tag located inside the <profile /> tag. If you have a farm you will also want to ensure you make the changes on each Web-Front-End server. If you still have issues please send open a ticket and include a copy of your web.config file.

    (Configuring a web.config file with FBA)

    Regarding mail attachments. ExCM does not support attachments to mail definitions. We recomend you publish your documents to your SharePoint site with anonymous access and add the document links to you mail messages.

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