Allow anonymous access to register.aspx

Downloaded the trial and the install was easy and smooth and almost everything works. The one thing I am having a problem with is access to the register.aspx page when I invite a user.

Invitation sends successfully and user clicks the link in the invitation and instead of going to register.aspx they end up at the login page. I looked at the knowledgebase but the video for this task is not complete and the link to the MS site really wasn't all that helpful.



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    Matthew McBride

    The registration page needs to be accessed before the user authenticates. To allow the registration page to be accessed anonymously you need to grant a bit of anonymous access to your site. SharePoint supports three levels of anonymous access; None, Lists and Libraries, Entire Site. Most customers choose the Lists and Libraries anonymous level as it restricts anonymous access to all site resources unless explicitly granted. In addition, it allows anonymous access to layout pages that have been marked for anonymous access. The registration page is falls under this category.

    If you would like to read more about SharePoint's anonymous access levels please read the great Microsoft article below.

    (Enable anonymous access)

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