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Hi everybody,

I have an existing web application that is used for our extranets.  ECM is used with an FBS database to manage the external zone and it is working great.  I have a requirement that I need some help with.

I need to create a site underneath our main site where anonymous access is required.  So let's say the site will be called  Anybody should be able to go to "newsite" without being prompted for account information.  However, there should be a sign-in to manage the site.  Additionally, there will be subsites under "newsite" where each of the sites will be restricted with no anonymous access.

Would anybody have any ideas of where I could start?  I'm thinking I could create a new web application at, but is that necessary?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I'm assuming the sites is already up and running. If this is the case you will not have to create a new web application. If you want to create a sub-site your options are to create a new sub-site or create a new site collection. If the 'newsite' is totally independent from your top-level site I would recommend creating a new site collection from Central Administration. If you are creating a new sub-site then just make sure you use unique permissions. If you are using a Site Collection (recommended) you will want to enable ExCM for the site collection.

    (Setup a Site Collection with ExCM)

    Once your sub-site or site collection is created you can start by setting the anonymous access level of your 'newsite'. This can only be done by a Forms-Based-Authentication (FBA) Site Collection Administrator. See the Enable Anonymous Access section in the Setup a Site with ExCM help page found below. If you don't want to require authentication then select the 'Entire Site' option. You will also want to enable ExCM at the 'newsite'. The instructions are included on the page below as well. 

    (Setup a Site with ExCM)

    You should then be able to create sub-sites which require authentication by creating sub-sites with unique permisisons.

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