Cannot edit Profile when using ADAM

I am aware that using the AD membership provider, there is no profile provider, which I suspect is why users cannot edit their profiles.

They see the 'My Profile and Settings' menu option, but the only item listed on the profile is email address, which is not editable.

However, we are moving to EXCM from ECTS, but the profiles are editable when using ECTS, which also uses the AD membership provider, and there is no profile provider configured.

 ECTS provides a menu item 'Update My Account Information' which references a page '_layouts/ExternalCollaboration/profile.aspx'

 That page contains a profile section and a password change / question/answer change section.

 How does this all work, just using the AD membership provider, and how can I get EXCM to work the same way??

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    Permanently deleted user

    ECTS doesn't use the profile provider to edit profile attributes. Rather it uses ADSI calls to manipulate the data inside ADAM directly. This is why ECTS can only be used with ADAM or AD an not any of the other membership providers.

    Unfortunately ExCM requires a profile provider to support profile attributes. Without a profile provider ExCM only lets you edit your e-mail address if using account names or no attributes at all if you are using the e-mail address as the account name. You may be able to find a 3rd party AD membership provider on-line.

    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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    Andrea Powell

    For whatever it is worth:  We are using the AD Membership provider with the SQL Profile provider.  Obviously some limitations - the profile properties collected are only stored in SQL & custom coding will be required to push them back to AD.  In our case it was not critical to get the properties into AD, so this is an acceptable workaround for the moment.  Not ideal, but it "works".

    Your mileage may vary.

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