Is it possible to default "Sign me in automatically" to checked for FBA users?


We'd like to default the checkbox on the login page for users accessing our website to be checked.

Is this possible?

Thanks, in advance,


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    Permanently deleted user

    You can change the default behavior of the 'Sign me in automatically' check box to checked by setting the 'Checked' attribute of the <CheckBox /> control to 'True'. This can be done by editing the check box control on the SharePoint login page (typically found in the '12\Template\Layouts' directory). Here is the check box control documentation...

    (ASP CheckBox)

    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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    Alyssa Getzoff

    Hi Jeremy,

    I think you replied to my followup post that stated I couldn't get the checkbox to remain checked despite the MSDN link provided and setting the CheckBox control to True, and help from a developer in my group.  But that was in the former SharePoint Solutions community website and our updates are gone.  I read them last week, but couldn't get back to testing.  I am wondering if you could repost the information again.

    Basically, I have done what was suggested, and added checked="true" to the login page on the checkbox control.  The line reads as follows:

    <td colSpan=2><asp:CheckBox id=RememberMe text="<%$SPHtmlEncodedResources:wss,login_pageRememberMe%>" checked="true" runat="server" /></td>

    However the checkbox is not checked, even after I restart the app pool, and web site, or do an iisreset on the server.

    Are you able to get the checkbox checked in your environment?  My web server is 64-bit on w2k3 server, which I wouldn't think would make a difference, but perhaps it does.  Also, can you think of any thing else to check?

    Thanks again.


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