"A valid license could not be obtained"


There are three common causes for this error.

  • No License Installed or Invalid License

The license may not have been installed properly. Check for the existance of the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\xheo\SharedLicenses and a file named similar to either 'DelegationFixedTrialLicense.lic' or 'DelegationFull.lic'. If either the folder or file are missing, then visit http://software.sharepointsolutions.com/Products/Pages/Asset.aspx?AI=4 and download the trial license installation or install the production license by following the link you received in your order confirmation email.

  • Third Party Issues

Another common cause it the installation of another 3rd party SharePoint application, specifically a Bamboo product. 3rd party applications often change the location that SharePoint looks for licenses. If a 3rd party application has been installed, simply move the Delegation license from C:\Program Files\Common Files\xheo\SharedLicenses into the folder for the other application; for example C:\Program Files\Common Files\BambooShared\License.

  • 64-Bit Servers

If you are installing onto a 64 bit machine, the license is by default installed into C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\xheo\SharedLicenses. Simply move the files from there into the 64 bit version of the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\xheo\SharedLicenses.

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