How to develop filtering on a lookup field and paging for a custom list?

Dear all,

I have recently downloaded and installed the Data Zoom web part and I have tried some of the examples provided in the documentation. I find it GREAT.

As I am a newbie to working with this web part, I think my question would be very simple, but I am really perplexed about where to start.

Problem Description:
- I have a custom list containing 4 fields:
-- Title (Text)
-- Description (Text)
-- Item Type (Lookup)
-- Product Type (Lookup)

- I want to display all items in the list in a Data Zoom web part with the following features:
-- Two drop-down lists contain the different Item Types and Product Types.
-- If the user selects a type whether item type, product type or both and clicks on a GO button, the content of the web part refreshes and filters only those items matching the selected filter(s).
-- The web part supports paging (10 items per page).

1. Are these requirements feasible to be developed using the Data Zoom Web Part or do I need custom coding?

2. In case, it is feasible with Data Zoom, would you please...
a.) give me hints about how to develop the different features?
b.) advise where I can find more information, samples or tutorials to help me develop these features?

Thanks in advance for your support. I really appreciate it.

Best regards,
Samar Hossam

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    Matthew McBride

    Dear Jeremy,

    Thanks a lot for your very helpful replies.

    I have checked the links and would try the provided sample code in the coming days.

    Thanks again,

    Samar Hossam

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