SPA is displaying the web application name instead of the alternate access mapping.

Hello Software Support Forum,

 Is there a way to configre the site URL field in the profile to utilize our Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)?  Currently the profile, and email that goes out to the requestor shows the internal name of the site (with web port numbers) instead of the default AAM configured.  For example:

Site URL:  http://server:8090/bd

Instead of:

Site URL: http://intranet/bd

Any ideas?  I really don't want our users bookmarking the internal server names with the port numbers, defeats the purpose of our load balance device.


Thank you in advance.


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    Matthew McBride

    Did you get a response, I have the same need.

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    Matthew McBride

    This functionality doesn't exist in the SharePoint 2007 version of SPA. We are looking to implement this feature in SPA for SharePoint 2010. We may add this feature to the 2007 version sometime after the initial 2010 release.

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