Release Notes : 1.0.9238.1

Symptom: Provisioning Templates were being loaded from alternate Provisioning Management Sites

When two or more Provisioning Management sites exist on the same web application the Site Provisioning Assistant would load Provisioning Templates from the first site accessed. As a result the other Provisioning Management sites would use the wrong Provisioning Templates. The Provisioning Templates are no longer cached across a Web Application which corrects the issue. In addition, you no longer have to 'Refresh' the Provisioning Template Providers list for changes to take effect.

Symptom: Error Editing Provisioning Requests Without Provisioning Templates

When editing a Provisioning Request list item the update process would cause an exception if the Provisioning Request contained no Provisioning Templates.

Symptom: Error setting the 'Request Access E-mail' for sites with inherited permissions

If a site with inherited permission was provisioned and the requesting user had a valid e-mail address, an error would occur when trying to set the site's Request Access E-mail. Request Access E-mail options can only be set for sites with unique permissions.

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