Loop through list items (query)

Hi guys, I should be able to figure this out but have so many projects I can't get any of them done.

I have a Task list I use as a Help Center for my users.  The IT team fields and resolves the requests.  Customers need to Close the request so I stay jsox compliant.  My Users aren't so energenic and the "Resolved" requests are building up for them.

I have Workflow Essentials 2010.  I want to create a workflow that endusers can run that will run against any Request beloning to them and is in a Resolved Status and set the Status to Closed.

My SP Columns would be Customer and Request Status.

I'm assuming the Loop through List Items with Query is the proper Action to use.  Does the [MY] variable work in SharePoint workflows?  Can someone point me in the right direction as to how the query should look?

Could something like this work for the "this query" or the the looping action?

 [%Current Item:Customer%]=[MY] and [%Current Item:Request Status%]="Resolved"


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