Start Another Workflow action and subsequent automatically started workflows

I'm running into a problem that seems to be unique to the Start Another Workflow action in W.E.  I have a master workflow that automatically starts and then uses "Start Another Workflow" to start 13 workflows that use "Collect Data from a User" to assign tasks to 13 people.  When these tasks are created in the Workflow Tasks list, there is a Reassign Task workflow that starts for each assigned task and monitors the task for completion.  If it doesn't complete, it reassigns the task up the food chain.

Since re-architecting the workflows to use Start Another Workflow, we've found that the Reassign Task workflow doesn't automatically start when each of the tasks are created.  It was starting prior to using the Start Another Workflow action.

When a workflow is started with Start Another Workflow, why would it behave any differently than when the workflow is automatically started on creation of an item.  Additionally, why would a workflow that automatically starts on the creation of Tasks in the Workflow Tasks list not automatically start?  Does it have something to do with "who" is actually starting the workflow.  Another problem introduced by MS on automatically starting declarative workflows?

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    Matthew McBride

    The problems seems to be caused by W.E. impersonating the system account when starting workflows.  This is documented in  When the Workflow Task is created, it shows up as being created by System Account.  Since the security "fix" in SP1, this has been disallowed.  A proper way to handle this would be for the Start Another Workflow action to impersonate the user who started the workflow.  That would make it operate more like how SharePoint starts workflows.

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