Workflow Solutions - Error getting manager


We have recently purchased this product, and there seems to be a problem with it.  When using the activity "Get User Manager", and assigning a task to this user, the task is created but the user is not assigned to it.

I have logged the data to the workflow historyand this is the output:

The manager for COMPANY-MEL\user is 'company\user'.

I believe this is related to AD containing the old NETBIOS name, and the new domain name.  SharePoint imports users using the NETBIOS name because the users have not been coverted to use the new AD domain name convention, so I would imagine that this product should look the domain of the manager up in the same way.

I have also purchased technical support, but have not been able to find anywhere where I can log a priority case.  Could someone please help with the above issue, and also in regards to logging a priority case.



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    Greg Almeida

    I have the same issue. Any update on this yet?

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    Software Support


    We've haven't been able to pinpoint a fix for this issue.  It seems to only come up in certain environments, and we've thus far been able to identify root cause.  I'm sorry at don't have a better answer for you at this time.

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