Obtaining Environment and Application Diagnostic Information

The attached script will send SharePoint 2010 farm information and the Alert Manager 2010 application log file to SharePoint Solutions' software support (or another optional e-mail address).  As needed, download the attached PowerShell script and run it on a server in your SharePoint Farm.  An e-mail like the one below will be sent, with the AM2010 log file as an attachment.  If you'd like, alternatively run the script with your own e-mail address as the sole parameter in order to send the diagnostic message to yourself. 

--> Begin Message

Farm Version: 14.0.4762.1000

Server: omega  Role: Application
Server: omega.spsoftware.dev  Role: Invalid

Solution: cd6be026-d896-4aea-8786-6eda14b140d6 alertmanager.wsp
Solution: ccc44e6b-79a8-4243-9bc5-5ffe0cb05b93 alertmanagerservices.wsp


Web-App:  'SharePoint - 80' contains 1 collections
App-pool: 'SharePoint - 80 (5.10.2010 10.52.32 AM)' || Account: 'SPSOFTWARE\_sps'
IISpath is: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80
Outgoing SMTP server is: omega.spsoftware.dev || Reply-To is: admin@omega.spsoftware.dev


Web-App:  '' contains 2 collections
App-pool: 'SharePoint Central Administration v4 (5.10.2010 9.26.32 AM)' || Account: 'SPSOFTWARE\_sps'
IISpath is: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\16288
Outgoing SMTP server is: omega.spsoftware.dev || Reply-To is: admin@omega.spsoftware.dev

<-- End message

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    Software Support

    Alert Manager 2010 logs diagnostics information in an industry standard format.   To download our Log Viewer application, see this thread:

    Log Viewer



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