Changing alert templates (getting rid of defaults inserted text)

I would like to know how to achive the following see redlines below these are "inserted" in the alert i would like to get rid of them if possible where do i do it?

The conent part now shows the full content of an article i woul like to show the first x characters as a teaser is this possible? if so how

Alert Notification Message: Employee has been changed.

 Harm op den Kelder, bedrijfsleider bij Trends & Trade Bleiswijk stort zich per heden op het project de Schuilenburght te Amersfoort als projectmanager om de herontwikkeling van het TCN Cares project daar verder te begeleiden.

This custom notificaton message was generated by Alert Manager 2007.
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    Matthew McBride

    The items in read are the alert template's header and footer messages. These messages can be edited or removed using the Alert Manager 2007 Central Administration components feature Manage Alert Templates. You will find this link under the Application Management tab. After clicking the link find the desired alert template and select Edit from the context menu. From the Edit page you can modify the alert template's header and footer content. 

    This feature is dependant on the Alert Manager Admin Components feature which can be installed with the Component Configuration manage found in the all programs menu.

    Regarding the ability to only show a portion of the alert message, this will have to be accomplished with HTML. The text-overflow:ellipsis; comes to mind as a possible solutions.

    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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