Set up an alert only when a specific field changes

Hello there


I am rather new to this product, so i am not quite sure if the following is possible or not:


I want to set up an alert for a list, sent immediately, but only if a certain field changes. For example:

Let's say my list has name, address and phone. I want an alert that sends the mail only when the phone of the person changes. So, if someone changes the name or address, then no email will be sewnt, and only when the phone does change the mail would be sent.

 I tried setting a custom filter, but you i don't know if there's a way to tell the alert that it's when the old value is different than the new value that an alert should be sent.

Also, i tried checking in the knowledge base, but the link was broken.


Anyway, i'll appreciate any help you can give me.

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    Matthew McBride

    Hi again

    Just to keep the thread up to date:

     I got this mail from David Fisher, maybe it could help some of you 


    There is not explicit way to do this using Alert Manager. However, you can accomplish this by creating a view on the list where the field you want to alert on is the only field in the view. Then select your new view in  "Someone changes an item that appears in the following view".


    I tried it, and kind of worked, but not quite, so i replied:


    It does filter some of the data, but I encountered with 2 issues


    1.       The option you mention works only on filtered views. I used to to filter blank data

    2.       When you change an item that is in the view in a field that is not shown in it, the alert will still happen. (I have my “phone” view, with only that field showing, then I change the field “name” in an element of the view, and I got the alert)


    Just to keep the thread up to date:

    So it'll be noted as a possible new feature.

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