Filter values

Can anyone share the values that should be used create custom filters? For columns like "Approval Status" it looks like AM is wanting to filter based on the integer values of the constants, but what are the these values? A quick google yielded both the value of 2 and the value of 16 for the "Approved" status in the "Approval Status" column, neither of which worked correctly. Help?

 Also I am wondering what the meaning is for the /New and and /Old filter columns? I would assume this means "current" and "last" values but if that is the case, what is the difference between Approval Status and Approval Status/New?

For basics, the online manual is pretty well written, but for a product that centers on having so much flexibility, there should really be documentation to cover all the features thoroughly. If this documentation exists and I have just not found it, please point me to it so I can stop bothering...

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