Can users see every alert for every SharePoint site to which they have access?


In evaluating Alert Manager 2007, I am trying to figure out how a non-admin user would be able to see every list/calendar/task/etc to which they have alerts, even if they have access to multiple sites in multiple site collections.  For now, I will settle for multiple sites in one site collection.  I am also trying to figure out how the SharePoint administrator sees all alerts for a user in a particular site collection using the functionality in the SharePoint Central Admin pages.

As a regular non-admin SharePoint user, alerts are added easily to an item on a site. However I can't figure out how to see all alerts for every SharePoint site that the user has access to in a particular site collection.  I have a web application that has a "teams" site collection with some subsites.  The non-admin user has access to two sites and created alerts on each site.  When I go to the site collection level, "teams", and choose manage alerts, I do not see any alerts from the sites to which this user has access.  Should I?

Also, using the product from the SharePoint Central Adminitration pages, and signed in as administrator, should I be able to see alerts of any type for a particular user?

The environment is MOSS-SP1 on Windows 2003 Server R2 Std x64 Ed SP2. 

From c:\windows\assembly: 
- SPSolutions.SharePoint.AlertManager.Administration version 1.0.9110.4
- SPSolutions.SharePoint.AlertManager version 1.0.9110.4.

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