Release Notes : Version 1.0.9093.1

Symptom: Custom column fields not being replaced in the custom template. The token was showing up in the email notification instead.

Tokens for custom columns are now correctly replaced with the proper content.

Symptom: Alert notifications for item delete events where not being sent for Document Libraries.

Alert Manager no longer stops processing when the deleted item is found to be missing from the list and processes the notification normally.

Symptom: No alert is sent when using custom columns of type "Person or Group" as the Dynamic Recipient of the alert notification.

Alert Manager improperly handled this type of column. Single or multiple account entries now properly recieve notifications when entered in a custom column of type "Person or Group" for an item where an alert has been set to use it as the dynamic recipient.

Symptom: No alert sent when using filter "Someone else changes an announcement created by me".

Alert Manager did not properly add the username of the user's account in the alert filter query. The current user is now added to the query allowing the filter to function as expected.

Symptom: No alerts is sent using the Approval Status in a custom filter on an Announcements list.

Alert Manager including the incorrect value type in the alert filter query for the Approval Status field. This has been corrected and custom filters can now be set on this field.

Symptom: Dynamic token was not replaced for list fields in the alert notification if the field was empty for the list item.

Alert Manager now checks for empty values in the list item fields and replaces the token with an empty string if the field value is empty or null.

Symptom: Incorrect list ID was sent to Alert Manager from SharePoint when the list was referenced in a web part on a web part page.

Created a work around for Alert Manager to retreive the proper list ID so alerts are created on the proper list.

Symptom: Alert Manager allowed any user to create or edit custom templates, then threw an Access Denied error upon submission of changes if the user or the web application's Application Pool identity was not in the Farm Administrators group.

SharePoint requires that objects such as custom templates for alerts only be created or modified by user accounts that are members of the Farm Administrators group. Elevation of permissions would also fail if the web application's Application Pool identity was not a member of this group. Alert Manager now filters links for creating or editing custom templates and does not allow access by hiding them if either the currently logged in user or the web application's Application Pool identity is not a member of the Farm Administrators group.

Feature: Add checkbox to allow user creating alert not to send a confirmation email to the recipients of the new alert.

Added a checkbox to the Add Alert page so that the user creating the alert can choose whether or not to send a confirmation email to the alert's recipients.

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