Release Notes : Version 1.0.9041.1

Symptom: When using the {Created} token within a custom alert template to get the date/time the item was created, the time populated would be the UTC time and not the local time for the site.

The populated date/time is now corrected for the site's time zone.

Symptom: Alert Manager fails to send alerts when items were deleted from a list.

Alerts are now properly sent for deleted items.

Symptom: When multiple changes were made to a list before the alerts were sent, two alerts were sent, both with the same content for the first item changed and no alert was sent which included the details for the second change..

Microsoft acknowledges that this was a bug in SharePoint and has released a patch for it.

This problem can be resolved by applying SP1 and the most recent cumulative hotfix packages available. Also, download the patch which directly applies to this issue from Microsoft's KB article at

Symptom: Hyperlinks and links to images in SharePoint were included in the custom alert template as relative links omitting the web application's url.

Hyperlinks and links to images now include the complete fully qualified URL.

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