Emails not being sent?


 The alert e-mails are being sent to both windows and FBA users when an alert is created through SharePoint or the Alert Manager.  However, only the windows users are receiving the e-mail when the alert is triggered, the FBA users are not.  Any ideas?


Also,  what are the steps to apply the latest updates to alert manager on my system?




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    Matthew McBride

    Sounds like there may be an issue with the relay settings on your SMTP server whereas it is not allowing emails sent from your SharePoint server out to unknown domains.

    To allow relaying from your SharePoint servers using Exchange as your SMTP server, open System Manager on your Exchange server and expand the Administrative Groups node. Then expand the appropriate group node, then servers, then your mail server node, Protocols and SMTP. Right click on the Virtual Server under the SMTP node and click Properties. Click on the Access tab, then on the Relay button. Here you can control what computers are allowed to relay through Exchange. Typically you will choose 'Only the list below' and add your SharePoint web front server IP addresses.

    For more information, see Microsofts TechNet article

    David Fisher
    Software Engineer
    SharePoint Solutions
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