install of safecontrols problem

when I try to choose a pre-made alert template, I get the error "only pickerdialog types can be used with the dialog..."

 I found an answer to this elsewhere in the forum... has to do with the controls not being listed as safecontrols in the web.config. 2 questions:

1) Should the safecontrol entries listed in the other forum thread be added to the web.config as they are listed there to fix the problem?

2) Why would they be missing? Aren't they done as part of the install? How to avoid this on future installs?

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    Matthew McBride

    Yes, the 3 entries listed in the other forum post will resolve the issue. And yes, they should be added as part of the install however, occassionally they are not added correctly, probably due to the installer not being able to fully access the web.config at the time of installation. This should not affect further installs as this does not occur very often, however as you have seen from it happening this time that it is possible.

    David Fisher
    Software Engineer
    SharePoint Solutions
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