ItemURL Token

Is there a token to add the url of the Item itself in the XSL within the alert details? I would like the alert to link directly to the document and not to the Item Form. I tried ItemAbsoluteURL (after seeing it in the original XSL) but that returned a string that started with "outbind:"... not sure what that is.

Additionally, what must be modified in the Alert Details to affect the details that are shown? I would like to show Modified date and Title, but ID, Content Type, Created By and Checked Out to are worthless in my situation.


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    Matthew McBride

    You may want to look at simply creating a custom alert template using html and the tokens available there and then select that template for each alert where appropriate as it will give you much more flexibility than making major edits to the XSL transform for the AlertDetailsTable token.

    David Fisher
    Software Engineer
    SharePoint Solutions
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