Changing alert Templates


I would like to change one alert template. Specifically I would like to edit its Notification Message Body, in the part '{AlertDetailsTable}' .

The table contains the informations I need, but I would like to change its layout and add a link to it. How can I do this?


thanks in advance for your help

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    Matthew McBride

    You can edit the XSL transform for the AlertDetailsTable token through Central Administration. In later versions of Alert Manager, make sure that you deploy the Administration solution to Central Administration to get this functionality.

    On the Applicaiton Management tab, select Manage Alert Templates. Select the custom template you wish to edit and click its Edit Alert Template link. You will see the link to the Alert Details' XSL Transform where you can change its layout and add or remove content.

    David Fisher
    Software Engineer
    SharePoint Solutions
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    Matthew McBride

    Thanks, I'm going to try this.

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