What permissions are necessary to select an alert template?

I have set up several templates from within Central Admin. I would like a site owner to be able to select one of these templates to create alerts as the needs of his lists dictate. Whenever he tries to add an alert he sees the SP default template. When he selects "Change Alert Template" from the dropdown chevron he gets an error that says:

Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. at SPSolutions.SharePoint.Alerts.SPAlertTemplateConfiguration.PopulateAlertFilterQueryWithCurrentUserID(XmlMode queryNode) blah... blah... blah

This site owner has full permissions on the site as well as on the document library we're testing with (which has unique permissons). As a site collection owner and farm admin, of course it works for me. Shouldn't he be able select a template? If not, what permission must be had?


Of course with "Manage Alert template for this list" I can make a template fixed for the list, but I really need him to be able to select one of the one's I have setup as he continues to add lists.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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    Steve Bammer

    I too have a user experiencing the same problem.  I can change the alert template without issue and it works.  However, when he tries it he gets the error mentioned.  I have tried the usual level 1 troubleshooting methods - full control access, cleared cookies/temp inet files, etc.  Please help.

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