Alert not sent after moving a site collection in a new webapplication


recently we have done some improvement to the sharepoint architecture, creating a Farm, and moving some site collection in other webapplication. Three of these site collection have had a lot of alert created, but after the move operation, the alert don't work. I've launched the stsadm -o updatealert command, and deployed the alertmanager 2007 solution to the new webapplication, but nothing changed. The only notification we receive is the alert creation's notifier.

 How can i solve this issue?

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    Matthew McBride

    Are you not able to receive notifications for newly created alerts either? I can see, depending upon how you moved your site collections, that list IDs and Urls have probably changed and could affect the alerts, causing them to generate an error or keeping them from triggering. Also, depending upon how you moved them, the custom alert templates you had created may not have been moved to the new farm. Check the SharePoint logs at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\logs to see if any errors are being generated by the alerts. Also try restarting the Windows SharePoint Services Timer service on all of the web front ends in the new farm.

    Check to see if you receive emails from newly created alerts using both the Advanced Alert Me option, starting off using the standard SharePoint alert templates, as well as SharePoint's standard Alert Me alerts. If not, you may have other problems with the way the site collection is setup.

    David Fisher
    Software Engineer
    SharePoint Solutions
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    Matthew McBride

    I don't receive any notification also for newly alert added to the site collection. In the Sharepoint Logs there isn't any error or warning for this issue. I also tried restarting the SPTimerV3 and the SPAdmin services on the farm, but nothing appened. The List and Site ID are not changed, only the site collection ID are changed having created them as new in the web application.

    The only notification we receive are the default notification e-mail of the alert creation for a user.

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