Custom template with link to document

We want to create a custom alert template with a direct link to the document itself. None of the standard tokens in Alert Manager contains this.
Who can I create this...please help.

PS: I know that this post should be in the General forum but when I go there I receive a user not found error?!

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    Matthew McBride

    The {ItemLink} token may change in a future version, but currently it creates a link to the properties page for the item.

    You can create a link directly to the item by combining the tokens as below.

    <a href="{SiteAbsoluteUrl}/{ListTitle}/{FileLeafRef}">{Title}</a>


    David Fisher
    Software Engineer
    SharePoint Solutions
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    Matthew McBride

     Thanks for your help it worked.

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    Christoph Mühleisen

    This help is not really a solution for me:

    - after putting <a href="{SiteAbsoluteUrl}/{ListTitle}/{FileLeafRef}">{Title}</a> in my editor an saving it, it stores that

    <SPAN><A href="http://web-server:5300/_admin/SPSolutions/AlertManager/%7BSiteAbsoluteUrl%7D/%7BListTitle%7D/%7BFileLeafRef%7D">{Title}</A>

    - the second Problem is that your solutions is only helpful, when the files are only directly in a document-list, but not in subfolders of the list.

    - the third problem is, that your solutions is only helpful, when the sharepoint has no sub-sharepoints

    We buyed the solution in the hope that we can send mails with links to the documents, but the help and discussions board shows no real solution for this. Is there another way to solve this?



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