2007 Product Licensing Issue

A recent change by some other third party application developers has caused an issue with our 2007 licensing file.  Products that were once fully licensed and functioning correctly can suddenly revert to a trial version with an expiration date.

To work around this issue, please look for your existing LIC file in one of these locations:

• C:\Program Files\Common Files\Xheo\sharedlicenses\ 

If that directory doesn’t exist,  please check for the existence of the following registry key:

• HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\XHEO\Licensing\SharedLicenseFolder

This will tell you the location that SharePoint is looking for licensing files.  Once you find our LIC file, go to “Start” -> “Run” and paste in the following value:


Then browse to the following location:


Where [Application] is the product you are using and XXXXXXXX represents a random Token ID.  Copy the LIC file this folder and it should resolve your issue.

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