What are SharePoint features limitations for extranet (external) users?


Do you happen to have a list of sharepoint features limitations for external users on an extranet site? For example, I have noticed that external users (Site Owners) for an extranet site do not have the ability to click on 'Actions' tab and select 'export to spreadsheet'. The only options available are 'alert me' and 'view rss feed.' However, if I log in to the same extranet site as an internal user on the network, I have the other options, including 'export to spreadsheet'. Thanks in advance for any help.

David Smith
Texas A&M University



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    Permanently deleted user

    This feature is called 'Client Integration' and provides the office integration features used by SharePoint list and libraries.  Client Integration is disabled by default on sites using forms authentication. You can enable Client Integration from Central Administration -> Application Management -> Authentication Providers -> (Select Zone) -> Enable Client Integration. There are some pitfalls which may occur when using Client Integration with forms authentication. Read the Client Integration section of the Plan authentication settings article for more details...

    (Plan authentication settings : Client Integration Section)

    Most of the Client Integration issues can be resolved by applying the Office Client patch...

    (Office Client Patch : Client Integration)



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    Alyssa Getzoff

    If you do enable client integration for your extranet users, we have found it very helpful to warn the extranet users in the registration successful message that when they sign in, they should put a check in the "sign me in automatically" on the sign-in page.  Otherwise, when they try to edit a word document from the site, it will throw all sorts of unnecessary prompts at the user.  The other thing that client integration permits is the upload of multiple files.  Be aware that when they upload multiple files, that the total number of files may exceed the limit you set on the web app, so you may have additional support issues.

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