Minimum Permission to Invite Users

We would like to find out the minium permissions required in order for an internal user (Windows authenticated) to invite outside users through InviteUsers.aspx.
We have setup a SharePoint User Group for these internal "invitors".  What permissions are required?
Are there other better ways to lock down so that the invitors has minimal rights to do what is necessary?
P.S.  So far, I have found that "Manage Permission" and it's depending permissions are necessary
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    Matthew McBride

    You are correct. The minimum permission level required to invite a user is 'Manage Permission". However, you can designate any user to be a Delegated Administrator. Delegated Administrators are also capable of inviting users with a little as view access to your site. A Delegated Administrator all users invited to the site via a Delegated Administrator will be added to a Membership role designated during configuration.

    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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