What users do I see, when I click "Mange User" or "Site Users"...

Hi to all,

what  users do I see, when I click "Mange User" or "Site Users"

 Online Help states:

"Click 'Site Users' to manage accounts that have been given direct access to the site. "

 What does this exactly mean. Can someone give an example?

I thought I see all users that have access to the site, but that's obviously wrong.



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    Matthew McBride

    When a user is granted access to a SharePoint Site it can be through a SharePoint Group (preferred) or by granting direct access to the site. This is evident from 'Site Actions -> Site Settings -> People and Groups -> New -> Add User. In the Give Permissions section you can select a SharePoint Group or grant direct site access. The 'Site Users' link on the Manage Users page shows the accounts that have direct access to the site.

    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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