Multiple Upload Documents menu option missing for doc libs using extranet URL


I do not know if the following is ExCM related or not however, symptoms indicate this issue may be related.  Please excuse this if it is not ExCM related.

When I access our site using our internal URL to the site (e.g., go to a document library, I can select the Upload button and see to options: Upload Document and Upload Multiple Documents.

When I access the same site using the external URL to the site (e.g., sign in using an FBA account with contributor rights to the site, access the same document library, and select the upload button I only get one option: Upload Document.

This does not happen on our other SharePoint web applications, but all others that I manage are strictly internal.

I have pored through the SharePoint and ExCM settings, and have not been able to find the root cause.

Has anyone else seen this irregularity?

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