Need some imput to set SSO with another software

Hi all

I'm an ExCM happy customer for a couple of years, so far, so good.

We want to integrate our extranet with Ideas software, the concept is simple, we will have a simple page with a Page viewer web part and point it to the Ideas URL, this is done, now we want to have SSO with them, we need to pass them email, first name and last name. How can we do this, is there an object holding all of this info that we can use? I hope so.



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    Certainly MOSS 2007 has SSO built in. If you are running MOSS 2007 I would encourage you to investigate it's SSO features.

    If you are running WSS v3 and have total control over the content then you have a couple of options. The first option would be to create a custom web part. Getting the E-mail address is really simple, you can use the SPUser object from SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser to get information like e-mail, display name and other SharePoint related user data.

    If you need to access the first and last name separately you will have to use the ProfileBase class which is provided by the .NET Profile provider. ExCM uses the .NET Membership, Role and Profile pattern to interact with user data. Because we use a standard method to communicate you can use the same API. To retrieve a users profile you just need to call ProfileBase.Create(string userName).

    (ProfileBase - Create Method)

     If want to go the custom web part route but don't want to write your own web part you can use our Data Zoom Web Part to create this content.

    (Data Zoom Web Part)

    Access to SharePoint objects like the SPUser and SPList data is 100% free with the Data Zoom Web Part. If you want to utilize the Data Zoom Web Part extensions for ASP.NET Membership, which includes the ability to get user/role and profile information from your FBA repository, you would have to purchase the ASP.NET membership extension.

    (Data Zoom Web Part extension for ASP.NET Membership SKU)

    (Data Zoom Script Library - Membership Directory)

    (Data Zoom Help - Membership Context)

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