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This must be something simple but I cannot seem to figure out where to changes the site messages. I am trying to update the message on RegistrationSuccess.aspx. Currently it says "You will be sent an e-mail within the next few minutes containing the details of your registration." I see the tags below.



 Is there a place to update the text for these? Please advise. Thanks in advanced.

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    Permanently deleted user

    These values come from the resources file(s) del.resx and del.en-US.resx. Which file is used depends on the locale of your SharePoint server. These files are stored in the 'App_GlobalResources' directory of your IIS site. The staging area for these file are '12\Config\Resources'. SharePoint will update refresh the files from the staging area during upgrades, STSADM -o copyappbincontent commands and various other commands. You can modify the contents of these files or create a new custom resource file.

    To create a custom resource file just copy the existing del.resx file and change the file name, maybe [company].resx. Modify the contents of the file to include you new resource strings. You can then change resource attributes of the RegistrationSuccess.aspx page to something like...


    Note - Be sure to backup your resource file, aspx page. The RegistrationSuccess.aspx page will be reverted if any ExCM upgrade is applied.

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