Can you tell me why I should buy ExCM instead of using Microsoft's External Collaboration Toolkit?

Many of our satisfied customers who are now running Extranet Collaboration Manager came to us after having had a frustrating experience trying to get Microsoft's External Collaboration Toolkit installed and configured.  As well, prospective ExCM customers sometimes ask us the question "Can you tell me why I should buy SharePoint Solutions' Extranet Collaboration Manager (ExCM) instead of using Microsoft's External Collaboration Toolkit?".

Extranet Collaboration Manager has over 300 live installations worldwide with well-known enterprise, small, and medium sized clients.  ExCM is professionally written and maintained by acknowledged industry experts who are dedicated to the SharePoint platform.  ExCM comes with US-based professional product support and a firm commitment to our customers' success. Our software engineers stand-by ExCM by offering hands-on installation and extranet configuration service.

Microsoft's solution accelerator External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint (ECTS) is source code, not a product or complete solution.  ECTS is not professionally supported, nor does ECTS have a feature road map or well-defined future product path.  ECTS is free to download, but can be expensive to implement and use.

  • ECTS only supports ADAM for your user store. ExCM supports a wide-range of user stores including AD, ADAM and SQL.
  • ECTS doesn’t support role management
  • ECTS doesn’t support user profiles
  • ECTS doesn’t support delegated user management

SharePoint Solutions' team of engineers have implemented more SharePoint-based extranets than any other company in the world.  Our team's experience combined with ExCM's proven track record will ensure your extranet project is a success.

Tony Bierman, MVP Windows SharePoint Services™
Managing Director
Commercial Software Division
SharePoint Solutions

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