Pre populated challange/response


I'm wondering if it's possible to provide a pre-populated question for user registration. We'd like to have a dropdown of 5 or 6 questions when users request access.



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    Matthew McBride

    Would you like to provide a general question with a drop-down list or provide a drop-down list for the password recovery question and answer? Both can be done but changing the password recovery question requires a bit more configuration.

    To add an additional question to the registration page requires you to add a profile attribute to store the provided information. This is done in the <profile /> section of the web.config file. On the profile attribute you can provide additional configuration information to tell ExCM how to display the profile property. Here is a simple sample...

    <add name="DropDown" customProviderData="DisplayName=Drop Down;IsRequired=true;Order=1;DisplayType=DropDown;Options=One,Two,Three" />

    Please reference our help documents found here for more information... 

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