ExCM and the BDC

We're trying to configure BDC connection to SQL 2005 on our MOSS install that uses ExCM.  I'm not able to configure the BDC web parts when logged in through ExCM.  When logged in through AD I can configure the web part if I use the RevertToSelf connection type.

Once configured, I can use the web part via AD, but receive the following error via ExCM:

You do not have permission to access ProjectPeople_vw in TUF_OttoInstance.

I receive this even if I grant all access to "everyone".

Is it possible to configure BDC for ExCM users?

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    Matthew McBride

    Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of the ExCM application. The FBA and BDC features are solely Microsoft solutions. As a result we haven't done a lot of internal testing with the BDC and FBA. With that said I have heard of ExCM customers using the BDC in an FBA environment. Unfortunately the application development team has never been involved in the BDC/FBA configuration. In addition, a quick Google search shows a couple folks blogging about how they got it to work. This article seems pretty straightforward.


    I will certainly pass this question along to our field consultants to see if any of them have configured the BDC in an FBA environment.


    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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