Release Notes : 1.0.9166.1

Feature: Existing User Registration

Registering users may now use an existing account to complete a registration. This includes Anonymous Registration and Invitation Registration.

Feature: Anonymous Registration Security Definition

Users completing anonymous registration can now be added to multiple SharePoint Groups and Membership Roles. Membership was limited to a single SharePoint Group in older versions. This allows ExCM to fully leverage Membership Roles to drive site access.

Feature: Delegated Administrator Security Definition

Delegated Administrators can now be assigned a Security Definition comprising of multiple SharePoint Groups and Membership Roles. Membership to these Groups and Roles are granted when the Delegated Administrators adds or invites a user to the site.

Feature: Grant Registration Access After Approval

When a user completes a registration, access to the site is provided by granting membership to a Security Definition. This access is now granted only after the account has been approved. New accounts created during registration will still be unapproved and will not be able to authenticate until the registration has completed the approval process. In previous versions access was granted but the account was not approved to authenticate. These changes were made to accommodate existing user registration.

Feature: Last Activity Date

Added the Last Activity Date field to the Manage Users In Authorization Store page.

Feature: Edit Delegated Administrator

Site Collection Administrators can now edit the properties of existing Delegated Administrators.

Feature: Delegation Status

The hidden Delegation Status page is now accessible via a link from the Site Settings page. This page provides information about your ExCM version, Membership configuration and Role configuration. This page is now only accessible by a Site Collection Administrator.

Symptom: Invitation Expiration

Registrations could be completed during registration attempts occurring after the invitation expiration date.

Symptom: Account Lockout During Next User Automation Run After Unlocking Account

The User Automation timer job service now uses the latest date between the Last Login Date and the Last Activity Date to determine the max inactivity time span. The Last Activity Date of an account is updated when an administrators attempts to change a password, unlock an account or approve/deny and account.

Symptom: Other Site Groups Visible From Manage Users Page

Limit the groups show on the Manage Users page to only the groups in the current site. Additional limitations apply depending on the users access level (i.e. Delegated Administrator).

Symptom: Manage Users Site Settings Breadcrumb

Removed the Site Settings link from the Manage Users breadcrumb.

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