Release Notes : 1.0.9089.1

Feature: Validate .NET version 3.5 during installation

The ExCM installation verifies .NET 3.5 has been installed to the primary web-front-end server before allowing the installation to proceed.

Feature: Hide membership profile attributes during registration

You can now use the HiddenOnRegistration attribute to hide membership profile attributes on the registration screen. Hidden attributes can be edited after a user authenticates to the site.

Feature: Password help message added to Change/Reset password pages

The password help message and example are now displayed on the Change My Password and Reset My Password pages.

Feature: Edit Profile Save Options

Added an OK button next and changed the Close button to Cancel. This change will make the page more intuitive and easier to use.

Feature: Remove User From Role

You can now remove a single user or multiple selected user from a membership role.

Symptom: Ensure Windows Authentication accounts are not added to membership roles

Only Membership users can be added to Membership roles. Windows Authentication accounts have been removed from the Add User to Role people picker and are not allowed to be added to Membership roles.

Symptom: User Automation : 100 User Limit

The User Automation job now process all users in the user authorization store. Previously there was an issue which would cause only the first 100 users to be processed.

Symptom: LastActivityDate Error When Using the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider

When using the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider you would encounter the error 'The property 'LastActivityDate' is not supported by the Active Directory membership provider' on the Manage Users In Authorization Store page.

Symptom: Updated FBA Zone Resolution when using Multiple FBA Zones

ExCM now resolves the correct FBA zone when using multiple FBA zones in a single web application. The current zone is first checked for FBA authentication. If the current zone is not using FBA authentication each zone is inspected until the first FBA zone is found.

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