Release Notes : 1.8170.2

Feature: Approved Domain Names

A list of pre-approved domain names has been changed to a list of approved domain names. If the e-mail address of the user is not contained in the list of approved domain names the user will not be allowed to register.

Feature: Web.config Approved Domain Names

Configure globally approved domain names for all sites in the web.config file.

Feature: Limit E-mail to Approved Domain Names During Profile Update

If the site is configured to use approved domain names the e-mail address used during a profile update must belong to one of the approved domain names to succeed.

Symptom: New registration approval email not sent to all Account Approvers

Aproval emails where only sent to the first user listed as an Account Approver. All users with a valid email address in their SharePoint profile will now recieve the alert and be able to Approve or Deny the registration.
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