User sent to the login page before registration

When we send an email invite to a new user, the link brings them to the login screen instead of the new user sign-up form.

After they use an existing login, they are redirected to the new user form.

How do allow users to go directly to the new user sign-up form?

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    Matthew McBride

    You need to configure anonymous access so pages like register and reset my password can be access without authentication. Microsoft has a great article which describes how to setup anonymous access and what behavior you can expect. You will find step-by-step instructions in the ‘Enable anonymous access on a site’ section located at the bottom of the article. I’d recommend ‘Lists and Libraries’ anonymous access as it is the lowest level of anonymous access required. I would encourage you to read the entire article as I believe it contains important information.

    (Enable Anonymous Access)

    This is another good resource when dealing with SharePoint over FBA. Check out the client integration section for more details.

    (Plan authentication settings for Web applications (Windows SharePoint Services))

    Jeremy Luerkens
    Manager, Software Production
    SharePoint Solutions
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