Can the value of the -notificationemailaddresses of the stsadm userautomation-createjob be an email-enabled SharePoint document library?

The reason I ask is because I would like the notification emails to go to an email-enabled SharePoint document library, as opposed to certain users.  This is for auditing purposes that my company wants to impose on external SharePoint users, and it would be good to have a respository for all the notifications, and tracking, in one central place.

Using the ExCM stsadm-userautomation createjob or setpolicies commands, when I target certain email addresses for the -notificationemailaddresses parameter then everything works fine. These email addresses are on the company's main domain, and SMTP is

However, when I target the email-enabled SharePoint document library for the -notificationemailaddresses parameter, the ExCM email never makes it to the document library.  In this case, the email for the SharePoint document library is

I can send email from my outlook client to and the email arrives in the document library. ExCM will send to my mailbox, so I'm not sure what I have configured incorrectly.  And, yes, the email address to the document library is correct.  (I checked a few times.)

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    This is an interesting use case that has not been tested. However, this should work like any other e-mail address. Do you have any e-mail resources (i.e. Exchange Admins) to review the e-mail delivery status. Can they confirm an e-mail was sent by ExCM and if it got delivered correctly. I'm also wondering if the e-mail message go scrubbed by a span or other type of filter. There may also be rules in place to limit e-mail delivery by the sender. We see cases in the extranet frequently where e-mails work fine to internal users but won't get sent to external users. Unfortunately I am not an Exchange Administrator and can't provide a better answer.

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    We finally gt this configured but it wasn't easy so I am updating this post to help others if they want to do a similar task.  If you look at the "Cause" section of this KB article,, it seems that the behavior, of ExCM email, or other SharePoint emails, not making it to the email-enabled SharePoint document library, is by design.

    Our networking guy was able to intercept the EML that ExCM was sending and it has "X-Mailer: Windows SharePoint Services (version 3)" in it.  And SharePoint will delete so the email will not show up in your SharePoint document library.  This behavior is by design because SharePoint is trying to avoid a "looping scenario".

    On the SharePoint server, you must make sure that the service account that is associated with the WSS Timer Service has the correct security to the mailroot\drop folder on the SharePoint server so that it can read and delete the contents.  (You may have to add this directly.)

    Your netorking or Exchange administrator must make sure that the email gets through to the mailroot\drop folder on your SharePoint server.

    In Exchange 2007, after the email address for the email enabled SharePoint document library is created, your Exchange admin, or someone with access to the Exchange Server, must clear a checkbox "require that all senders are authenticated" on the Exchange Server, in the message delivery restrictions.

    Also in Exchange your administrator must set up a "transport rule" such that the X-Mailer is stripped when it contains Windows SharePoint Services.

    Once these items are configured, then the ExCM email will show up in the SharePoint document library. 

    Of course, who knows what SharePoint Server 2010 holds in this regard.

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