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Dear All,

I've configured ExCM in my FBA enabled SharePoint site. All of the features are working fine except Email. When i registers or requests for password reset then it doesn't send email to the specified email address. I've checked SharePoint email settings in Central Admin which is working fine for other web apps.


Any idea where the problem lies ?




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    Permanently deleted user

    The first step is to configure SharePoint's outgoing mail messages. However, it sounds like this feature is configured correctly in your environment.

    (Configure outgoing e-mail settings (Office SharePoint Server)

    The first step would be to ensure the mail message isn't going to a junk folder or being filtered by some client forwarding rule. In some cases we see outgoing mail messages to external e-mail address get stopped by one or more mail filters/rules. In this scenario e-mail to internal e-mail address owned by a domain user works correctly while e-mail to an external e-mail address fails. This is typically an Exchange setting and beyond the scope of Extranet Collaboration Manager administration. If you feel this iss your issue please contact Microsoft support for assistance.

    Finally, I would test your mail services using Telnet from your SharePoint Web-Front-End server to ensure they are setup correctly. Open a Telnet connection to your mail service and try sending a simple mail message to an e-mail address having issues receiving mail from ExCM.

    (Telnet to Port 25 to Test SMTP Communication) 

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