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 I'm working on setting up FBA and using the Extranet Collaboration Manager in SharePoint.  I have the membership database created, web application extended, and set to use the FBA database.  I am able to login (almost) to the FBA Site, but I receive the SharePoint Error Access Denied Page page.  So it seems as though it validated/authenticated my forms based user account, but the account does not have access to the site.  I've attempted to use the people picker on the Windows Authentication side, and adding my user as a site collection administrator through Central admin, but the people picker does not find the account.  I've also added the membership provider to the people picker wildcards in the two web.config files for the site and central administration.  Do you have any ideas on this?  I greatly appreciate your help.



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    Matthew McBride
    Hi,  I found the solution to my problem.  The settings in the web.config files for the extended web application and central administration were correct.  However, in Central Administration -> Application Management -> Authentication Providers -> Extranet, I did not have the correct membership provider name. Thanks, dpearson
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