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I have ExCM setup for my main sharepoint site, and it seems to work fine. However, we had a secondary site that we want accessible from the outside. I set up a new SSP, created a web app, and created a site collection for the site. I then set up two access mappings, one using Windows and one using ExCM amd they same DB that my main site uses. I copied the information that I received during setup into the web.config file. I deployed ExCM to my new site. I went into the site via the Windows login and changed the Delegation Settings to match the delegation settings for my main site. I can still get into the new site via Windows Authentication, and I can see that I have users in the DB, but when I try to login through the mapping for ExCM, I receive a blank screen saying 401 Unauthorized. Did I miss a step somewhere? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Matthew McBride

    This sounds like an IIS issue. Here are some things I would check...

    • Ensure you web.config file is set to Forms authentication.
      • Central Administration -> Applicaiton Management -> Authentication providers
      • Actual web.config file itself
    • Ensure you IIS website allows anonymous access
      • Central Administration -> Applicaiton Management -> Authentication providers 
      • INETMGR -> Directory Security -> Authentication and access control
    • Double check your alternate access mappings and ensure DNS is correct
      • Central Administration -> Operations -> Alternate access mappings

    If you still have problems please let us know.

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