ExCM 2013 Prerequisite Checklist

ExCM 2013 – Prerequisite Checklist for Paid Implementations

  • Your SharePoint 2013 must be running, completely tested and stable before installing ExCM 2013

  • Set up and test outgoing email (SMTP) from within SharePoint

  • Make sure to have already downloaded the latest copy of ExCM 2013 and have it in an easily accessible folder. Ensure that you have your full product license keys (not trials) available. Both are available in the order confirmation e-mail

  • Determine the host header (most common) or port number for the URL for the new Web Application

  • Ensure that you can create a new web app and site collection and browse to the site collection

  • If using host headers, make the necessary changes to your local and public DNS records

  • Ensure that any required SSL certificates have been properly installed in IIS (if applicable)

  • Ensure availability and remote administrative access to the SQL Server database via SQL Management Studio

  • Ensure the person responsible for your firewall solution can be available during the implementation if needed. We cannot assist in any configuration of firewall devices or software.


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