Log Viewer for SharePoint Solutions' Applications' Debug and Diagnostics

Use the attached Log Viewer application to view SharePoint Solutions' products' application log files.

SharePoint Solutions' (2010 only) products all log to the folder c:\ProgramData\SharePoint Solutions\.

01/27/2012 Updated to version

  • We hate bugs as much as you do!
  • Fixed bug where loading a new log file wouldn't refresh the UI until another action was clicked in the UI
  • Fixed bug where clicking a column heading didn't change the sort direction the first time it is clicked.

10/06/2010 Updated to version

  • New color scheme for log entries
  • Made compatible with Window's Explorer's right-click "Open with" functionality
  • Made compatible with single command line argument to log file's path
  • Hover on Recent Files menu now show's full path in tool tip popup
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