Extranet Users - No Ribbon


I'm a new site collection administrator on our extranet solution and am running into an issue where I can't see to get the ribbon to show up with any controls when accessing the "Manage Extranet Users" section of the Site Settings.  As I said, I'm a site collection admin and in the owners group for this site.  I didn't originally set up the collaboration manager so I'm not entirely sure where to look to grant mysef the necessary access to manage these accounts.

Can anyone point me in the direction of what I can check? 

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    Micah Haarbrink

    For anyone having this issue, it looks like the problem was that I needed to add myself as an Extranet Account Manager.  For the powershell commands needed to accomplish this, check out http://help.sharepointsolutions.com/products/2010/excm/webframe.html and navigate to

    Powershell -> Add Extranet Account Manager ->

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