"Change Password" Menu Item Missing for External Users

Originally from ticket #1285.

I've deployed our new Extranet Portal using ExCM 2010 and everything appears to be working, however i am missing the change password option when logged in as a forms-based user. How can I get this option to appear?


Did you include the "Extranet" web.config sections below?


This is where you specify the "allowPasswordChange" feature.



Yes. I have the allowPasswordChange feature set to true in the application web config, central admin web.config, and securityservice web.config.


It sounds like SharePoint has 'forgotten' about the ExCM 2010 menu items. We see this happen on occasion. You can 'remind' SharePoint about the menu items by...

- Deactivating the 'Extranet' site collection feature (Site actions -> Site Settings -> Site collection features)
- Retracting the ExtranetCollaborationManager2010.wsp solution (Central Admin -> System settings -> Manage farm solutions)
- Re-Deploy the ExtranetCollaborationManger2010.wsp solution
- Activate the 'Extranet' site collection feature

There will be a small window downtime during this operation. Please let me know if you have any questions.



This resolved our issue. Thanks!

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