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Hi.  I have a question on inviting users.  I assume the answer involves permissions or rights, but I don't know where to go.  When I invite users, I see what's in the attached "invite_users_me" picture and I can specify which group to put the user in.  However, when user Cindy invites a user, she's not asked to specify a group (the "invite_users_cindy" attachment).  I've tried giving Cindy more rights and even made her a Site Collection Admin, but she still isn't asked for a group for the new user.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!

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    Permanently deleted user

    Site Collection Administrators have the rights to grant access to any SharePoint Groups or Role in the site collection. When Site Collection Administrator invites a user they see the Security Definition dialog box which allows them to assign permissions to invited users. If Cindy is a Site Collection administrator she should see the additional Security Definition dialog box. I would recheck Cindy's permissions. If you believe the permission look correct please open a ticket an a technician get in touch with you to inspect the issue in more detail.

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